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Leon And Ashley by GreenIbr

First of all, overall great job with this! Let me break down my critique: Vision: I really like that you have Ashley with a look other ...

Kirk (Gift To NGv2) by DreamWideAwake

Let me lead with: Thank you so much for taking the time to do this! This was a great surprise, and it definitely made my day! I really ...

Claire Redfield by Creativore

This was my second time commissioning Legendarysid, and it will be by no means the last time. I was torn between "Action Claire" and "P...

Claire Redfield: Heat of Battle by Creativore

As the commissioner of this piece, let me open with the fact that I was 100% happy with this piece. The art was done to my specs (thoug...



I want to put this out there, because I don't believe this has ever been properly addressed or explained.

I work in retail. It is not a dead end for people who are willing to work hard. Will it be a career for me? Who knows. But I've been lucky enough to work with a good company, in a good store, with good management. 

I go there and I do my work honestly. That means swallow customer's complaints (sorry, the customer is not always right. Sometimes, they're just jerks and little else), being ignored, treated as less than human- all while worrying about my job disappearing.

This is where people get it wrong, folks. I'm going to capitalize this, because it's important:


Let me paint the real picture for you:

-You buy online from Amazon. Convenient, right? And you want to save money. It may not ever cross your mind, but that decision impacts jobs. Most stores are happy to price match, and then that revenue keeps the store in that location. The store I work at has 18 other employees besides myself; some who have a career put into the company. Be considerate of that when you can. A lot of stores will even do free shipping right to your home if they don't have an item. It's a little extra work for you, but it means a lot to the store and it's employees.

-You order online from the store in question. The problem there: That revenue doesn't reflect a store's success. It helps the company as a whole, but it doesn't keep your favorite store in business.

-You come into a store and start quoting prices from other stores. That's just insulting. There was a time in our history when people behaved with class and didn't do that. 

-The store is understaffed.  Well, let me do the math for you: after health care, minimum wage hike after minimum wage hike, price matching, online competition, and unreasonable customers who believe they are entitled to anything because they bellow loudly enough at people too professional to shout back, you're not left with a whole ton of money left to staff the store. And it isn't right.

I've been with this company for almost two years now. I started at minimum wage, earned a better spot after a few months of work, went above and beyond because I take those 18 other people's paychecks very seriously. I'm going to go ahead and say that's respectful, and how someone who deserves to be employed should behave.

Here is a further set of facts for you to consider:

-No matter what you are told, the money for higher wages doesn't come from nowhere. The "corporate" people everyone likes to pin the blame on take cuts; management takes cuts...and less jobs are created. Why can't you find a job? Because your potential salary has just gone to raise the wages of two other people, who will each have to do more work for that piece of the pie. Oh, and the taxes that come out of your paycheck that get higher and higher- guess who's helping fund that "free" health care? 

-The minimum wage's original intent was to be a fair training wage. Not a sustainable wage; not a career salary. When a company hires an employee, both sides are rolling the dice. The company might not benefit from the employee; the employee might not benefit from the company. Or the employee may need to learn skills to perform their job, entry level job or otherwise. During this time period the minimum wage is what is paid. After some time, a raise is given. Not as large as people would like, but I refer you back to the my previous point. Your raise has just gone to the new hire. But don't worry, you aren't alone- your store manager didn't get a bonus this year, either. 

-I am personally of the opinion that, while there are crooked CEO's who make too much money, there is another set of outstanding facts to consider. A good CEO is on 24/7/365, handling business all the time. Sacrificing a personal life, and getting torn to shreds by people who don't make any attempt to understand how things really work. I'm not defending the greedy here, but there is an unfortunate predisposition for people to generalize that anyone who makes good money is bad. It's just not true. 

Everyone wants to blame the company for not doing enough; not giving enough; not caring enough. That's not always the case.  There are bad companies, and there are bad employees, and there are bad consumers, too. When you can, try to think of it from the standpoint of those people whose jobs depend on your business.

Visit your favorite local store, find an enthusiastic employee, and let them try to win your business. Keep our stores in business, and help keep others employed. What if it was your job on the line? And don't kid yourself- your job might very well be next.
Leon And Ashley by GreenIbr
First of all, overall great job with this! Let me break down my critique:

Vision: I really like that you have Ashley with a look other than "scared" on her face. Having her smiling is a good choice in my opinion. Leon looking a little more sober and worried fits, too. I get a sense of at least vague affection between the two.

Originality: I would have ranked you higher, but there's just not a ton of originality. That's no reflection on you- you're dealing with highly visible characters from a popular game that's more than ten years old. That's not to say you didn't do a great job with it! The reason I gave you four stars is that you didn't make Ashley look terrified, or have her hanging off Leon- this is actually not a pose that I see Ashley in a lot. Definitely points for you on that one!

Technique: Good facial proportions on them both. Good eye shape, and nice hair texture. You've got a lot of little touches- Ashley's eyebrows and their texture, the collar on Leon's jacket- that come across very well. Light and shadow are both vivid. Good skin color. Being a guy, I'm more prone to staring at Ashley, but your technique really came through in Leon's mouth. Good lip shape and upper lip. Sounds like an odd thing to point out, but that's not something a lot of people get right. My only criticism is that Leon seems a touch too feminine. I can't put my finger on what, specifically, however. Something about the right side of his face, the way his face is shaped. Given that Leon's bangs make it difficult to make him look overly masculine, you shouldn't take that criticism too harshly- it's a difficult thing to pull off.

Impact: Hard to judge, but I'm just really a fan of this. I can absolutely see this as a "Chapter End" bit of art.

Overall, you did a great job! Hope my critique was somewhat helpful to you. You did a lot right with this. And you've definitely improved since your last Leon painting, too. :)

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The hike through the rainforest was going as smoothly as could be expected. Ashley’s herb compound had helped Barb’s wound heal over, and she was walking better, and even in a better mood.

That’s what Ashley told Barb, anyway. The truth was, things were growing more critical for Barb with each passing moment. The wound healing wasn’t a product of the salve Ashley had cobbled together- it was the regenerative properties of the viral infection spreading through Barb’s body. Her euphoria was more likely a result of her infection and subsequent fever than a few herbs. But she was infinitely more pleasant this way, so Leon and Ashley kept quiet about it. There wasn’t anything they could do for the moment anyway.

The labs were going to be at least a mile walk. Not horribly long, but they were also exposed in the rainforest. The monkey-things that had attacked them in the hotel had been bad enough in an artificial environment.

No doubt the little bastards will be right at home here, Leon thought in passing as he pushed aside a low banana tree’s leaves so that Ashley and Barb could come by unimpeded. It was almost the hottest part of the day, too. Sweat, overheating, mosquitoes…

Mosquitoes. Now there is a way to make this more unpleasant.

Mosquitoes were notorious for carrying viruses. Hell the BEST case scenario with a mosquito bite was that you had an obnoxious bump to itch and complain about. That was before you got to infection, which could be deadly, especially in a tropical climate. Giving Barb one more reason to complain wasn’t exactly a good thought, either.

Leon could hear the low buzzing of mosquitoes now. Or he thought he could, anyway. He wasn’t sure at this point. His mind might be playing tricks on him. Rainforests were like that. They messed with your senses. No matter how well trained you were, or how many times you did it, there was something about nature that swallowed you up.

The buzzing got louder.

“Damn it, that’s annoying,” Ashley said from up ahead.  She was standing on top of a rise with one hand over her eyes, shielding the sun. There was a break in the thick overhead canopy here.

Leon glanced up, an old trick he’d learned. You got bad headaches if you didn’t look up once and a while when you were in the rain forest. He lowered his gaze once more and joined Ashley at the lip of the rise.

There were a series of one-story buildings down below. It looked like two buildings forming an L-shape, with a third building added in front of them. There was a clear cylinder connecting it to the first larger building. It looked vaguely similar to an airlock.

The buzzing was almost deafening. A sharp beep punctuated the buzzing at regular intervals.

One of the GPS units?  Leon glanced over his shoulder- then he had to double-take.

Jeff was walking toward them.

Every part of Jeff’s body was swollen and red. He’d been stung multiple times by the wasps. His bulging biceps had been pulled apart, leaving red-white sinew in their place, peeling like licorice. His eyes were swollen shut. His stomach was distended in a pear-shape.

He “looked” at the small group.

“Jeff…” Barb managed, gasping. She pawed at her eyes in sheer disbelief. She couldn’t believe what she was seeing. Rather, who she was seeing.

Ashley seized her by the back of her shirt.
“Get back,” she whispered sternly. “The dead don’t come back the same as when they were alive. It doesn’t matter who they look like.”

Leon trained his handgun on Jeff. Every instinct he had was literally screaming at him to shoot. An old discipline held his fire: He had to be sure that Jeff wasn’t alive and coming for help. The wasps weren’t necessarily infected; Jeff might being going into shock. No matter how unlikely, Leon couldn’t pull the trigger until he knew for sure.

“Leon, he’s dead,” Ashley told him in an even tone. “You’ve got to shoot before it gets closer. That buzzing isn’t normal…”

She drew her own gun. Barb protested and tried to jump on Ashley, who simply ran out of patience and stiff-armed the smaller woman in the upper chest, upsetting her balance and sending her tumbling backward onto the lip of the rim.

Barb recovered, angry and shocked, but too focused on Jeff to do anything but gape at him. “JEFF!”

“Leon, you shoot or I do. I’m not having all of our deaths on my conscience,” Ashley insisted.

“I’ve trained for this, Ashley. Same as you. I know the risk,” Leon told her cooly. “Trust me.”

Ashley gritted her teeth. She retreated back toward Barb and crouched down, ready to help the dazed woman up once she was sure what direction they’d start moving in.

Leon, you and I are used to this. You’re missing the real danger here… Ashley thought to herself. She didn’t take her eyes off Jeff, out of respect for Leon. When the muted buzzing sound grew louder, she tensed.

You asked me to trust you, Leon. I will. But I think something is impairing your judgment. You’re putting us all at risk…

“Jeff?” Leon called out.

Jeff opened his mouth, but no sound came out.

He needs help! Leon realized.  
“Jeff, stay there. I’m going to come over to you…”

Leon holstered his gun. That was when a gunshot rang out. A dot of red appeared on Jeff’s forehead for a split-second before the cylindrical hole widened and Jeff fell backward onto the ground, his mouth still gaping. His body began to go into death throes.

Ashley had fired.

“NOOOOOO! You miserable, fucking bitch! How could you?!” Barb howled. She hobbled as quickly as her injuries would allow. She threw herself on his misshapen corpse and began to sob and bellow hysterically.

Leon rounded on Ashley. He was furious, with nostrils flaring and teeth pulled back in an uncharacteristic, open snarl.
“I gave you specific orders not to shoot. What the hell is wrong with you?!”

Ashley didn’t back down. She’d had enough of that. She seized Leon by the front of his shirt and pulled his face in to hers.
“I’ve been wondering that about you. You’ve made one stupid decision after another. Something is messing up your judgment, and it’s my job as your partner to call you on it. I don’t know if you need to get laid, or if you’re just going through withdrawl, but you’re putting all of us at risk.”

She let him go; rather, she shoved him away.

“Get your ass killed on your own time. Be the man I respected again.”

Leon wanted to yell at her. He started to. Whatever he was going through personally wasn’t affecting him professionally. And she’d just shot an unarmed man- he’d never made a mistake like that, not on his worst day.
A sound cut through the air. Bone cracking; flesh rending. It was the sound of a mutation; Leon was familiar with that sound on an almost intimate level.

Barb gave a yell that was cut off. Leon had just a couple seconds to realize how royally he’d just screwed up.

Jeff’s stomach bulged and extended past the point that his body could contain it and retain its shape. He bent backwards, with only his head and toes touching the ground. Out of his open mouth came a buzzing sound, growing louder and louder until it was almost deafening. Barb had thrown herself across his stomach, trying to hold him together.

That was when his sternum finally tore under the internal strain. His ribs cracked into powder and shifted aside; his breastbone dislodged and snapped up into his throat, causing a rush of very red, internal blood to cascade down what remained of his torso.

A fully mature wasp emerged from his carcasses, coated in a slimy semi-opaque mucus and blood. It was instantly obvious that it had been nourishing itself on Jeff’s innards, as organs were missing and there wasn’t nearly the amount of intestine that there should have been.

It expanded and stretched its wings. Its wingspan alone was over six feet- taller than Jeff. It pulled itself with sickening, wet, sucking sounds from its host and flapped its wings powerfully, clearing itself of the remains of its mucus coating.

It began to hover idly, as though testing itself out. It had just been born and didn’t know the full extent of its abilities. But it was hungry, and it saw prey.

Instinct drove it to pick the weakest of the group as sustenance. It flew high, circled once to gain speed, then aimed its stinger down and dove.

Ashley began to shoot, as did Leon. They struck an armored sternum, a thin proboscis, its two gleaming red compound eyes. Yellow fluids gushed from it with each shot, but it wasn’t deterred.

It’s articulating stinger caught Barb, who threw her arms in front of herself. It pierced both her arms and stopped just shy of penetrating her chest. The wasp tried to dislodge its stinger, but instead lifted Barb up with it as it tried to pull out. Leon and Ashley held up their shots, afraid to hit Barb; afraid not to shoot. It carried her maybe twelve feet in the air before she came loose. Her arms ballooned and slipped free of the stinger, infected by the wasp venom, muscles paralyzed.

She fell twelve feet with no way to brace her landing. She hit the ground with a shuddering impact and lay limp. The wasp immediately landed and stung her again, this time in the neck. She flailed briefly, but the venom soon overtook her body and she laid still, eyes open, mouth frozen in a scream.
It’s proboscis found her infected leg first. It jammed it in and began to suck blood, marrow, and cartilage. It ate noisily and greedily, slurping and gulping.

Ashley and Leon were halted by the shockingly violent feeding.

So much so that they didn’t notice Jeff’s body pull itself to its feet. One gore-streaked hand was just about to grab Ashley when a bolt struck its head and it finally fell, dead for the last time.

Ashley drew her gun and threw herself on the ground in one motion, looking in the direction the bolt had come.

A man in a white lab coat was standing near the airlock-like entrance to the labs.

“Come on! Hurry! Before that thing gets you!”

Leon and Ashley exchanged glances only briefly before mutually agreeing to run toward the labs. Ashley wanted to shoot Barb, to at least end her misery, but then she risked calling attention to her and Leon. There was nothing else they could do for Barb.

Behind them, the wasp continued it’s noisy meal. Barb’s eyes had glassed over as she’d mercifully passed out from the pain.
Resident Evil: The Response- Chapter 15
Nerves fray further as Leon, Ashley, and Barb begin to disagree. In the false rain forest, they are seeing new threats everywhere. But their disagreements are threatening to end that problem...fatally. 

Mature Content

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The thick undergrowth was teeming with life. Small insects, some frogs, and a handful of small reptiles moved around, going about their business.

The thick canopy protected them from the rain somewhat, and the sheer number of trees shielded them from wind. In that sense, the rainforest was perfect as a place to weather the storm.

As good as the benefits were, there were negatives. The uneven, rather mushy terrain made transporting Barb difficult. There was also not a single clear line of sight in any direction. That made their progress slow. Not being familiar with the area wasn’t helping, either.

There was a timer running in the back of Leon’s mind. How much time did they have left to treat Barb?  The damage might already be irreversible. She’d almost certainly never walk the same; the zombie that had bitten her had managed to take away a good chunk of flesh and muscle tissue; things that didn’t necessarily grow back, or heal better than before even if they were present.

The hum of every insect conjured reminders of Jeff’s death. If wasps had been infected, what about the rest of the creatures on the island? That made everything that moved a threat.

On top of that, paranoia was a dangerous enemy, too.

“Leon, I’ve got to stop for a minute,” Ashley called from behind. Barb, in apparent delirium, had begun to struggle again. “She’s been whispering repeatedly that she could walk. That, and she’s been trying to choke me for the last ten minutes.”

They stopped in a small clearing with moist, mossy rocks that didn’t have too many jagged edges to sit on. Barb was at least calm enough to not scream. The manic look in her eyes had faded for the time being.

“I’ll be right back,” Ashley said. She disappeared into the underbrush a few feet away. A couple minutes later, she came back with a stick in hand. It was a thick, sturdy stick shaped like a Y.

“If she’s going to insist she can walk, let’s give her a chance. God knows it will be better to have two of us able to move and shoot freely.”

“Good thinking,” Leon answered. They’d give Barb a few more minutes to sit before they moved on. The next leg of their trip, if Leon was correct, would have them get across a stream and through a low valley. At the bottom of the valley would be the lab.

And, he hoped, help. For all of them.

“Back in a second,” Leon told the girls.

“Where are you going?” Ashley asked. “If you’ll be a while, I’ll make a fire. I think there are some plants and barks here I can use to make a salve for Barb’s leg.”

“Good idea. I don’t think it’ll take me too long to take a leak.”

Ashley rolled her eyes at his sophomoric comment. “Sure you don’t want to hold it so you can put the fire out?”

“Why, you wanna watch?”

They smiled in tandem, and Leon went off into the woods. Ashley breathed a sigh of relief- it was a good sign that the easy banter between them was back. Their chances were slim enough without infighting totally ruining their chances.

She took up a curved piece of bark and a stone on the ground. She held both over the fire for a short time, letting the heat sterilize them. Once she was satisfied with that, she took up her knife and got down on the ground. She pushed aside the tall grasses until she found a few things she was looking for. She was trained in rudimentary field medicines as a secondary interest, and that had led to horticulture as a hobby. She knew that the tropics were generally teeming with helpful plant life, and had been sure she’d find something to help Barb.

All within the immediate area, she’d found a number of useful plants.

All-heal (she couldn’t remember the scientific name; she wasn’t interested in the intellectual application anyway)




All of them had healing properties, and she was sure that they wouldn’t cause any horrid side-effects.  But that revelation led to one that was a bit more disturbing to her.

There’s no way all these plants should be growing here naturally. It’s too convenient, and some of them aren’t even native to this area.
She couldn’t tip Barb off that something was odd. She put all the herbs, flowers, and roots into the curved bark and began to muddle them with the stone. She collected some rain water off a plant, boiled it using two sticks as a set of tongs to hold the piece of curved metal she’d found to contain the water, then added a bit to her mixture. She muddled it further until she had a thick salve she could apply to Barb’s leg.

“Hold still,” she said briskly to Barb.

Barb began to fidget and pull away. “Hey, I don’t want your witch doctor remedy, you quack! I want to get to a hospital!”

Ashley got up slowly and looked Barb firmly in the eyes. “Yeah? Two problems with that, princess. One: We’re fresh out of hospitals. Two: my “witch doctor” remedy is your best chance. It’s weird that a tree-hugger terrorist like you is so afraid to let nature heal you. That’s the whole point of your cause, isn’t it? ‘Let nature take it’s course’?”

Barb stopped fidgeting and complaining, to Ashley surprise.

“You’re right…I shouldn’t lose my faith in the cause. I just…Jeff and I…I didn’t know about the violence. I really thought it was just me doing my job to bring injustice to light. And…I’m really scared.”

God damn it. NOW she’s acting like a human being.

Ashley knelt down and looked at the back of Barb’s leg.

“Anyone would be scared. That’s natural. And as far as your terrorist activity…look, just don’t take things at face value. I used to, and I had to learn the hard way that the shortest path isn’t the best one. Think of it this way- you ever buy anything online?”

Barb nodded. “Yeah, absolutely.”

Ashley nodded. “Me, too. But then, when the economy went really bad, it occurred to me that all my favorite stores had disappeared. The places I’d go and look in, then go home and buy online…I couldn’t do that anymore. It never once occurred to me that I was killing jobs that way. I didn’t look past the issue.”

Barb’s face stiffened. “I guess I feel bad for the people who work there. But all corporations are evil. They have money and yet they still just lay people off and pollute the world.”

Ashley decided to give up there. They were talking amicably enough; no point in trying to educate an idiot. There were easier ways to give yourself a headache. She turned her focus back to Barb’s leg.

To find that it was almost mended.

Oh, shit. I’d better tell Leon.

The infection wasn’t killing Barb. It was healing her. The problem there was that she wasn’t going to “just” heal. She would evolve, and change. And likely, it wouldn’t be for the better. Hard to imagine something like Barb getting worse and more malicious, but that’s what was most likely going to happen.

But her consciousness was still there. She was still her bitchy self. And no matter how tempted Ashley was to shoot her for that reason alone, at this point, it still felt like murder.

But if we wait, she might get one or both of us if she turns…

Talk to Leon. We’re heading to the labs anyway, maybe we can find a cure. In the mean time, it’s best to avoid telling her.

Leon had just about zipped up when Ashley came over, worry clear on her face. They spoke in low whispers and debated all their options, but the result was still clear: Go to the labs.

The means of escape and the means of treating her, if it was possible, were both there. It would just mean keeping a close eye on her. Since they didn’t trust her, that would be no big problem. The trouble would be keeping her from panicking further when she realized what was the most likely scenario.

“If she attacks us…we have to kill her,” Ashley said firmly. “There’s no other way. We can’t risk infection.”

Leon couldn’t argue that point. Not now.

“We’d better pick up our pace, then. And if she can walk, let’s keep her between us. I’ll take point and clear a path; you keep your eyes on our back. And Barb.”

Ashley looked around, still troubled. Her eyes searched the ground for a few moments before she spotted something. She knelt to the ground and began to shift the dirt aside. She mumbled a curse under her breath as she dug deeper. A few layers of dirt later, and Ashley held up a rusted piece of metal to Leon. He took it, glared at it, before sighing and dropping the sign back on the ground. He looked at Ashley’s dirt-smudged face and could only try to not look as discouraged as he felt.

The sign had said “First Aid Station”, but it had been left in the elements, half buried, for months. No one had come this way, and the sign had been torn down violently, if the jagged marks across its surface were any indication.

So, “The Circle” has had operatives here longer than we thought, or B.O.W.’s were unleashed here and broke free of their captivity before our “training” ever began. Either way, there’s almost no chance that the labs haven’t fallen to either the terrorists or the B.O.W.’s.

Survival was already slim, but this added a new dimension to it. A lot more made sense now. For all the questions, there was still only the one possibility: Get to the lab and hope that someone had held out, or at least left clear instructions as to how to leave.

If it was ever that simple.
Resident Evil: The Response- Chapter 14
Leon, Ashley, and a civilian have made it out of the B.O.W. infested hotel and into a rainforest. But the rainforest isn't natural, so there's no telling what predators have made their home within. To escape Site 13, they have to reach the labs on the other side of the rainforest. They've got no choice but to brave the danger and move forward...
Kirk (Gift To NGv2) by DreamWideAwake
Let me lead with: Thank you so much for taking the time to do this! This was a great surprise, and it definitely made my day! I really appreciate the kinds words that came with it. I've put a lot of time into developing Kirk, and to hear that even one person had a fangirl moment for him made it all worth it ;) All kidding aside, thank you for always including him and for thinking highly of him, and kindly giving me feedback!

So, onto the pic itself:

Vision: Kirk looks great! He's a hard character to draw because he looks young for his age, but stressed, depressed, burdened, and hopeful, all at the same time. I can see that in this pic, particularly in his eyes (which you made very expressive), and his jawline, which is still young but firm.

Originality: Hard to judge. He's my OC, so I'd love to just say "Yep, original! 1000% percent!" With respect to the drawing, no one's done quite this take on him before. So definitely points for originality there!

Technique: Excellent work with line art and shading. And the picture is textured very well, too. His hair isn't flat, but has dimensions. That's not an easy thing to draw. A+ job there :)

Impact: It made my day. How much more impact do you want than that? This is a pic I will point out to others when I explain Kirk.

All told, you did a wonderful job! Thank you again, for the kind words and the wonderful pic!


NGv2's Profile Picture
United States
Big time Resident Evil fan. Most of what I submit here will be fics. Feel free to request RE fics!

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